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On Disappointing our Children

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  1. Deann Taylor says:

    That’s just one of those lessons in life that our kids are going to HAVE to learn, one way or another. There are times in life when, even as adults, we need a little pick me up to get over our disappointment.

  2. Branson says:

    This is a wonderfully written post! I haven’t been there yet, but I know someday I will. And oh my goodness that pic is too cute!

    • Courtney K. says:

      Thanks girl! We didn’t intend to be at that point so soon, but I don’t think we scarred him for life or anything. Yet. 🙂

  3. Cyn & Co. says:

    Promises are tricky buggers aren’t they?

    Glad little man was able to move on and I’m sure he doesn’t even remember it, and if he does, I’m sure he doesn’t blame anyone. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the toy purchase, sometimes when things can’t go our way, a little pick me up makes it better. (Like me and my scoop of mint chocolate chip when hubby has to work late instead of take me out for dinner.)

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s, great post!!!

    • Courtney K. says:

      I agree. There are times in life when, even as adults, we need a little pick me up to get over our disappointment. Seems like you and I are a lot alike. Though, I prefer Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream on my my bad days. 🙂

  4. My daughter has gotten into the “that’s not fair” stage… to which my lame-o mom response (which I HATED hearing as a daughter myself) is “life’s not fair.” That’s the easiest way for me to define how my kids deal with disappointment. It’s not as eloquent as some other ways, I’m sure, but facts are facts. Life’s just not fair sometimes. You get up, brush yourself off and have a “do over” if need be.

    • Courtney K. says:

      I agree. That’s just one of those lessons in life that our kids are going to HAVE to learn, one way or another. I hated hearing that “life isn’t fair” mantra as well, but boy is it the truth! And I think that is the best thing we can give them.

  5. We promised the kids a trip to the pool last night, only to arrive and find that someone had just thrown up in it and they’d closed the big pool. The two little ones were fine with hanging in the baby pool, but it took the 6yo a while to warm up to it.

    It is tough, but you’re right, disappointment and thwarted plans are a part of life, one they do have to learn to deal with. Just as we did.

    • Courtney K. says:

      You are right. Eventually, no matter how old they are, they have to learn that things don’t go their way all the time. It’s hard to witness as a parent, though. Even though it is a necessary lesson.

  6. Dumb Mom says:

    The oldest Dude is getting to the age where he is being forced to face a number of hard lessons (you have to take responsibility for your actions, hard work is needed for success, practice makes perfect, that kind of stuff). I think he’s dealt with the fact that sometimes you get disappointed by others and I’ve always been very Mommy-is-not-perfect-even-if-she-looks-like-it with them and I make a point to not promise them things unless I know I can come through. They know that so they always ask if something is a promise. I think a harder lesson we are dealing with now is helping him deal with the fact that sometimes you disappoint yourself! So much harder to deal with because of the whole self esteem issue and stuff. Nearly 10 year olds aren’t much easier than toddlers I guess! Good lessons you’re teaching to help prepare for this stuff in the future!

    • Courtney K. says:

      It definitely doesn’t get easier as they get older. But it sounds like you are really teaching your kids some valuable lessons. Especially the value and the truth behind taking responsibility and working hard for what you want. Parenting certainly doesn’t get easier as they age, it seems. We (the husband and I) both try extremely hard to make sure that we never come across as having it all together. We don’t shy away from the fact that we have disagreements and get frustrated (both with one another and life in general). It’s important to us that our son knows that no one and nothing is perfect. Thanks for stopping by! Always love seeing you pop up in the comments!

  7. It feels terrible when we have to break our promises to our kids because of unexpected circumstances. Hope your little one enjoys the movie when he gets to see it.

    hi from MK’s

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