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There are a lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs out there today. While so many have decided to leave behind the corporate world to pursue their creative calling, there are also more faces to distinguish between and more services to choose from. But, you have something the others don't have...

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Your one-of-a-kind take on the passion that drives you. Whether you're a photographer, a blogger or a fitness instructor—you need your brand and your online presence to stand out from the others. With each of these design experiences, we will spend time exploring the heart and the mission behind your business and then create something that brings that mission to life.

Truly easy-to-customize websites for professionals who need a polished look with a quick turnaround.

template customization

Draw in potential customers and clients with a seamless web experience and SEO optimized site pages.

website design

Discover your creative voice with a unique, one-of-a-kind logo development & coordinating brand collateral.

brand building

A seamless single logo brand identity experience for those with a clear vision.

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Commonly Asked Questions

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Absolutely! We currently accept 2-3 new clients per month. Because of our seamless design process, no two clients are ever at the same stage of their design and each client is guaranteed the same top-of-the-line customer services experience. Contact me to being your experience!


If you are purchasing a web design of any kind you will need a domain name and a Showit subscription. This is needed in addition to your purchased design package and can be purchased separately. Every website needs a home and a storage space. This is what your hosting account takes care of. I am happy to help you get that started!

↦ do i need hosting or a subscription?

That's a great question! I design unique, one-of-a-kind designs on the Showit platform. By creating your design from scratch, I can ensure that you design is 100% authentically you. You'll be trained on how to make changes and update your site as needed in the future. so there's no questions or concerns. I want you to be 100% confident in your new "home." 

↦ What web design platform do you use?

I offer multiple payment plan options for all of my clients, depending on which package you purchase! I offer 3, 9, 12, and 18 month options; guaranteed to give you a price point within your budget. 

↦ Do you offer discounts?

Final design files will be sent to your email via a Google Drive folder that we will use for all of your project files and information. Don't worry. You'll receive them all in a neatly organized folder for you to use as needed. 

↦ How will I receive my final design files? 

Absolutely not! I have worked with hundreds of clients in a wide variety of professional fields. Every one from bakers and chefs to elite photographers and influencers. If you've got an idea, regardless of what that is, we can definitely bring it to life!

↦ do you only design for photographers?

No. Unfortunately, I do not have the equipment to print my own products (yet...someday!). I do, however, have access to numerous professional printing companies that I can and do recommend to all of my clients. Print products can be ordered directly from me at cost and shipped to you. 

↦ do you provide printing services?

This varies by project. Each of my services listed includes an estimated timeline. Because I have 100% happiness guarantee on my custom work, timelines may vary slightly. My goal is for you to be completely happy with what you have invested in. I would rather a project take longer than anticipated than to give you something you aren't happy with.

↦ how long will my project take?

100% Absolutely! Unless you choose to use a pre-made template, every design I create is unique, original, and specifically catered to my client. Your custom design will never be resold or replicated—EVER.

↦ Will my design be original? 

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"I would start another business just to have Courtney design a site & branding for me..."

"I would start another business just to have Courtney design a site & branding for me..."

Ana dufreche

Simple, affordable, DIY design

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Alison Bakes


A romantic, modern, and earthy Showit website template and blog for photographers and small businesses.

A moody, earthy, and bold Showit website template, blog, and recipe index for food bloggers and small businesses.

An emotive, engaging, and image driven Showit website template and blog for photographers and small businesses.




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Courtney Kirkland is a Southeast Alabama Writer & Designer. Since 2011,, Courtney has passionately provided beautiful, intentional design to small businesses & bloggers and encouraged thousands to walk in a rich faith in any situation.

I'm a Single Mama doing what I love and fueled by Grace, Mercy, and a whole lot of coffee. I'm so glad you are here!

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