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Teaching our Children Life Lessons

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Aw, Courtney, I’m so sorry you had to deal with this. My heart breaks just reading this.

    I have had to deal with disappointment with my oldest son for almost his whole life because of his father. I come to expect it, but to a child, he hopes for his dad to pull through. Watching him in pain after he is let down is the hardest thing.

  2. […] Monday was a big let down when we found out that my mom wasn’t going to be coming to visit this week as planned. Noah was pretty bummed out about it and my mama guilt (even though it was a situation I couldn’t control) had me in overdrive all day, working to make it up to him. So, I made him his favorite breakfast (Cinnamon Rolls) and we went to Walmart and snagged him a new Batman Cape and Mask to help ease the disappointment a bit. Granted, when he gets over he won’t get a new toy every time life throws him a curve ball and he’s let down, but for now…it works. And it makes us feel better to do something to cheer him up. […]

  3. Is your Mom coming at all now? My heart breaks for all of you – seriously! I know I mentioned it on Facebook, but I think the best lesson you can teach Noah is just how to deal with his disappointment. When things don’t work out, he has to know that he can come to you for safety and emotional support to work through those hurt feelings. I think it is especially important with boys who are going to be getting messages that their emotions are not okay – that they need to be strong and tough. Learning to deal with these disappointments they have is a huge life lesson.

    Although, you’re such an awesome Mom, you’re doing that. Heck, this post is your heart breaking for how upset your son is when I know it is upsetting you too. Hugs, friend!

  4. Oh man, this is TOUGH. I dread the day when I have to teach the hard lessons (other than it’s bad to hit your sister). I’m so sorry your mom isn’t coming!!! I know you were SO looking forward to that! Is her trip just delayed or canceled? I’m so bummed for you!

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