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Feature Friday | Proudest Parenting Moments

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  1. […] in case you missed it, I was over here on Friday talking about my proudest parenting moment thus […]

  2. Arnebya says:

    It still amazes me when Z blows his own nose. He’s just past 2 and it still gets me, his getting up and asking out of the blue, “Where’s the tissue box?” What did it for me recently was when he got out of the high chair, picked up his plate, and threw it in the trash. All I could think was damn, I’m doing something right.

    I love the kitchen picture! And get some tissue for yourself; she will continue to astound and shock you with what she knows (especially what you never thought she was even paying attention to).

  3. MommaKiss says:

    Oh, Yuliya. Your kid – gorgeous as ever – but I will tell you that when they actually “get it” that you can blow to get the boogies out? That’s a big day. Relieves the parent of 90% of the booger picking duties.

  4. Gabrielle says:

    Oh my goodness you have said this beautifully and made me chuckle. Isn’t parenting fun?! Boogies are a hot topic in my household too. At least your grand 23 year old can actually blow her nose. That’s huge in my book too! Good job mom!

  5. Roxanne says:

    Love this, Yuliya. The face in the picture of her helping in the kitchen is so awesome. She’s so expressive!

    And you should be proud. My kid didn’t learn to blow his nose until…wait…how old is he? FIVE?



    • Yuliya says:

      I showed her one day when she is a wee lass and she actually got it, it’s seriously something I would have never realized was a big deal until I had a kid. As far as I’m concerned this is the best thing EVER. And thank you she is as you politely put it “expressive”….or as I like to say a total drama queen.

  6. Yuliya says:

    Thank you Courtney for hosting me! It’s so lovely here I just want to stay for a few days and kick up my feet!

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